Cross-Country Tour

Aug. 18th, 2016 - Sep. 6th, 2016    |     Place: Alberta, Saskatoon, Manitoba, Ontario

Let the Journey Starts!

The first cross Canada Senior-Visit Volunteer Tour is organized and initiated by a group of Chinese students from a BC based non-profit organization “Love Builder”, joining with a group of volunteers from diverse cultural background. This trip is the very first in Canadian history and also a new page for the volunteer service by the multicultural millennial.

Collaborating with Latincouver (, KPUCSSA and more, Love Builder has recruited many volunteers who are willing to connect with older generation and contribute to society. Most volunteers are not only local students but also students from different parts of the world, such as mainland China, India, Latin America, Japan, Korean and east Europe. This trip will start off in mid-August, from Vancouver to Ottawa, crossing 8 cities in 4 provinces with a total distance 9,968 kilometres. There will be around 10 senior houses and about 300 seniors visited in 20 days. This trip is an expansion from “Love Caravan Senior Tour”, a program by Love Builder. In the next one to two years, Love Builder plans to visit as many senior houses at all major cities in Canada as possible, which hopefully will appeal more people, especially youngsters, to support and participate in this program.

The tour also wants to raise awareness to the cause of “Love Caravan Senior Tour”

1. Allowing seniors to receive energy, love, humanistic care and joy from young people, while being introduced to different cultures; also to reduce their feeling of solitude by forming a bridge for communication and exchange of ideas

2. Reviving the fading atmosphere where there is caring, respect and gratefulness for seniors, which fosters caring for seniors, the communities and minority groups among young people

3. letting the local mainstream enjoy the most authentic art performances from different cultures

4. encouraging children and young adults to inherit and protect the essence of their cultures, and learn to be inclusive about other cultures

The ultimate goal of “Love Caravan Senior Tour”

1. To contribute and raise awareness to the value of multiculturalism, respect among races, service to seniors, and education in manners of children and adolescents

2. To connect with youth and seniors around Canada, spreading love and services to all major cities in Greater Vancouver, in British Columbia, and in Canada in the future

The main content of this trip

We will provide opportunities which seniors can interact with volunteers. We will also arrange multicultural art performances for seniors, and collect feedbacks from them. If conditions allow, we will host a public performance party in collaboration with local community centres and/or ethnic groups.

Love Caravan Senior Tour has started its monthly events since December 2015, and will host its 10th events on August 13th. In the past 9 months, its volunteers have overcome obstacles caused by limited supports and resources, yet they still insist and manage to host free event at least one senior house every month. However, the reality is cruel and Love Builder needs much help and support to sustain this meaningful program. Hereby, we would love to raise fund and support so that we could spread more love and warmth to those whom have once contributed so much to our society.

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